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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Fellowship with your kids doesnt involve money


Some of the sweetest fellowship with my children, is not the zoo trips, baseball games, mall , ice cream outings, or involve money.

Some of the sweetest fellowship I have with my children is found in the joy of serving our family by cooking and cleaning and doing projects around the house.

Today my 5year old and I washed toilets, mopped floors, scrubbed sinks, and it was fun. We laughed, we giggled, we plugged our nose from the stink.

It was pure sweet joy hearing her laugh, talking about how one day she would be a wife and mother.

She mentioned on her wedding day she wanted her hair long down to her ankles so for me to never cut it.

While I could have cut my cleaning time in half by putting a movie on for her a (Christian movie so I would feel better about it) but then I would have missed out on building my relationship with her, I would have missed bonding with my friend.

Yes, we are friends. Now a days parents are afraid to be their child's friend afraid of losing the authority they have with them.

Its okay to be best buddies with your child discussing life with them.

Keep a little friend nearby at all times when your cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, writing on facebook or working out in the yard.

Discuss what your doing with them, trust me they are interested and they enjoy that you include them in it.

My 5year old and I had a blast today and I learned so much about her, things I didn't even know.

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