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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Herb Tuesday The miracle herb Plantain


Most herbs are weeds, and Plantain is a weed while most people are doing all they can to get rid of this weed, I on the other hand do all I can pick and harvest it . Plantain is one of my favorite go to herbs. With all the children i have it is an essential herb around my house.

Common Names : Plantain, longleaf plantain, ripple grass, ribwort, wagbread, white man’s foot  

It is native to Europe and parts of Asia, but was said to be introduced to North America when the settlers came from Europe. It’s scientific name is Plantago Major, and it likely grows in your yard, parks, cracks of sidewalks.

Plantain is known as the "first aid" herb was commonly used by Native Americans for venomous snake bites, the colonial assembly of South Carolina granted a  reward and freedom to an African slave who taught them how to use Plantain Herb to remedy the bite of rattlesnakes.

Uses for Plantain:
 Plantain contains allantoin which makes it great for your skin, and quite soothing to the skin. The Plants juice is antibacterial which is great for drawing out and killing bacteria. Speeds healing soothes wounds, and is ant-inflammatory phytoho-chemical that encourages new skin growth and gives the immune system a lift.

You can apply it by chewing it and rubbing it into a scrap or burn or bee sting. It even draws out poison from poison ivy.

 According to James A. Duke , P.H D Some European research has validated its use in relieving bronchitis, sore throat, and respiratory complaints from a cold. 
It can be taken in a tincture and or tea form

Pre Cautiouns 
If you are allergic to psyllium then you may be allergic to plantain ; taken in large amounts can induce diarrhea. Please do a wrist test to test for allergy reactions

Although many people consider this herb a weed it is truly a miracle medicinal herb.

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