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Monday, March 3, 2014

Marriage Monday

When I got married 13years ago we were given a beautiful       wooden  box with this poem written in it.

This box truly has been an inspiration to me in my marriage.

Marriage truly is like an empty box. Many people get married for all the wrong reasons and have an abundant of expectations when they get married, I was one of them.

 I found myself taking so much out of my box that eventually there was nothing left. I thought that my marriage would be filled with all the things I had longed for, sex, romance, companionship, hopes, dreams,intimacy, friendship, and love.

The truth is marriage at the start is in fact like an empty box. There really is nothing in it at the beginning. All the things you look for in marriage is really what is in the other person and it is up to both of you to infuse those things into your marriage lest it become an empty box.

You can not day after day take out of your box if you dont put something in it to withdrawl from.

It reminds of a bank account. You can not keep spending and withdrawing money from your bank account if you have not deposited any money into it. If you attempt to do so, you will find your account over drawn and eventually the account will need to be closed because you were irresponsible and unable to maintain it.

Early on in my marriage I would complain about my husband not being romantic enough, affectionate enough, serving enough, loving enough, etc.

I remember being reminded daily as I saw the wooden box sit on our bedroom dresser, that marriage was like an empty box. As I complained about how "empty" my marriage felt and how lonely I felt, God showed me that it was because I was withdrawing more than I had deposited. I was in the "negative" so to speak.

This led me to change the way I was treating my marriage, and to daily deposit into my marriage account.

Marriage truly is an investment. You must daily put into it if you want to take anything out of it. So rather than complain about your marriage, do something about it. Even if you are the only one who is depositing into it, so what, you are one with your spouse and why not enjoy it when your spouse gets to benefit from it.

It should make you the wife glad that you can please and make your husband happy.

So go and make deposit big into your marriage today!

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