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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Bird Feeder Craft

                     Re-Purposing an Old Milk Jug/Carton

                               Bird Feeders For Spring 


Springtime is always a favorite time of year around here. The cool weather, the birds chirping and the lovely smell of Spring.

The Kids will love this fun easy craft to attract the birds in your area.

 Feeders have been around for centuries and are a great way to relax in the back yard and watch the different types of Birds come and feast. 

Our kids enjoy watching from a window and then drawing the birds they see. We then look up in books what kind of bird visited us that day.

1)Find an Old milk jug/carton or you can even use old toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls, or an orange cut in half thats been scooped out. (If you use a toilet paper roll then roll it in peanut butter then the seeds and your done)

  2) Cut out the carton/jug with an opening for Birds to fit through, add your sticks for the birds to perch on.

                                                           3)Color your jugs with markers/crayons or construction paper

                                                           4)Get some Mixed Bird food from the store, or you can get some mixed trail mix (without M&Ms) and add some seeds to it

  5) Fill your bird feeder with food and hang 

onto a tree with string or a hanger



  1. I love seeing birds visit our yard. It's a reminder that the Lord cares even for them.

  2. Amen! Blessed Homemaking, good reminder indeed.