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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Mothers Day Post


There are no words to describe it
No pictures to paint it
No thoughts to capture its meaning and depth         
Its value is far above that of any precious jewels, the days can be long the work is at times intense. The long hours seem sometimes in-managable. Its at times even lonely work
The value of being a mother is far above riches

 Yes, your body will change forever
Yes, you will daily sacrifice your time, talents,and energy
Yes, you will be tired
 Yes, you will be worn out
Yes, the days are long
 Yes, its wearisome                
 Yes, it can be lonely
 Yes, there will be tears
 Yes, you wont always be thanked
 Yes, you will feel like a failure at times
 Yes, other mothers will ridicule, mock, and scoff at the way you mother
 Yes, you wont get to shower everyday 
Yes, you will feel guilty like your doing it all wrong
 Yes, you will have failures
 Yes, you will say  "Im sorry" alot
 Yes, you'll feel like a bad mom sometimes
 Yes, you will feel like someone else is doing a better job than you
Yes, you will under-qualified
Yes, you will like your not valued
Yes, you will feel unappreciated
Yes, your life will forever change 

Yes, you will have sleepless nights

Yes, you will hear I love a thousand times a day
Yes, you will hear "Mommy", "Mama" , "Mom" a thousand times a day
Yes, you will hear sometimes "Thank you"
Yes, you will hear "Your the best"
Yes, you will see smiles at you often
Yes, you will have a bunch of little helpers
Yes, you will play a role in who your children become
Yes, you are raising men and women for the next generation mighty arrows
Yes, you will feel like the luckiest woman alive   
Yes, you will feel like the richest woman on earth
Yes, you will have endless cuddles and kisses
Yes, you will be asked to read the same story over and over and over                                              

Yes, you will give countless picky back rides
Yes, you will play trucks, swords, and super heros
Yes, you will play babydolls, color, cook and shop
Yes, you will have a lifetime best buddy and best friend
Yes, you will get to always hold soemones hand at the supermarket
Yes, you will always have someone to talk to
Yes, you will be loved beyond measure 
Yes, you will kiss ouchies and booboo's
Yes, you will be a mediator, a consultant a confidant
 Yes, you will cook endless meals and hear the words"I'm hungry " often
Yes,  you will peep on, pooped on, thrown up on, and spit on
Yes, you will have peed sheets 
Yes, when you and your husband try to "smooch and love" in bed you will get a knock at the door
Yes, you will scare away boogie mans, and monsters under the bed
Yes, you will say countless prayers

Yes, your role as a mother is endless and has so much value to it that I barely touched the surface of its worth.

You are worth so much Mother, Mama, Mommy, Mom
Yes you will be humbled by their little eyes, their little words, their little strength

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