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Friday, July 18, 2014


Many have been asking how my Frugal Grocery budget is going. As you remember I decided to challenge myself and stick with a grocery budget of $450 per month for a family of 7. This means at 3 meals a day for 30 days each meal will approx. be around .71 cents. WHOA!!!!

Well, I broke up my budget in  2 week incriments as this works with our pay schedule best. So last Friday  I spent $225.00 on Groceries, enough to last us 2 weeks, next Friday I I will spend the remaining $225.00.

At this point we are out of all our fresh fruit and most of our fresh veggies. The kids are a bit disappointed as they are use to having fresh apples and bananas at their disposal anytime. But they are eating very good at meal times. This is a huge plus.

Our meals have been pretty simple. We eat chicken taquitas, chicken enchilads, and chinese food, Which consist of ground beef and mixed veggies with a side of brown rice. For breakfast we have been eating oatmeal and eggs, thankfully we have a good neighbor Bob whom we buy eggs from at $2 a dozen, he has been throwing in free duck eggs so thats a HUGE blessing.

Here is a awesome deal I got this past week. I had a coupon for $2 off Kolona Milk this coupon is reusable and doesnt expire until Dec.2014, typically this milk is about $4 a half gallon its really quality milk so we splurge on it, well this past week this milk was on clearance for $2.25 because it was about to expire. This means I got to use my one coupon per milk jug and paid .25 cents per half gallon milk making a gallon of milk only .50cents. WHOOHOO!! I purchased 4 Gallons and we made lots of kefir and yogurt. The children even got to drink some with meals.

I am learning that:

1)Deals are out there you just have to look for them 

2)Ask and most of the time you shall receive 
 Just ask the produce guy to mark things down for you, or ask for discounts you will likely get it

3)Stock up when a deal is good

I will keep posting what we buy, next week you will see my grocery bill.

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