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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Marriage Monday 10 Tips

Marriage Monday 10 Tips that can help Your marriage Thrive

1)Smile Smile Smile 
A simple smile can go along way in a marriage it can say so much that words can not

A simple longer kiss can relieve so much tension and stress

3)Be Polite
Say Please, Thank You, Your Welcome common courtesy shows basic respect for your spouse

Grab your husbands arms put them around your waist and look into his eyes and dance with him 

5)Cook A Unhealthy Meal that is His favorite
This is one I got to work on Im such a health freak, but bless your man with his favorite meal trust e he will be so excited

6)Make Love
Initiate sweet love making with your man

7)Dress nice and Comb your hair
Dress nice for your man and comb your hair to his liking

Pray for your man and with him

9)Send an encouraging note/text
Email or text your man a encouraging note or write a note to him

10)Speak Kind words
Tell your man kind things all the sweet things you love about him and enjoy about him and appreciate about him

This is not an inclusive or exclusive list, and I am not advocating that this list will cure/resolve marital issues, and this is not a to do list, its just a fun encouragement.

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