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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Thankful Thursday Being thankful that you get to be a Homemaker

Not Everyone Gets to be a Homemaker, it truly is a gift a privilege.

There are some women who would give anything to do what you do. Who would love to be home with their children tending to their needs through cooking, cleaning,laundry, scrubbing floors, kissing the duchies on those scraped knees, mediating all the quarrels throughout the day, singing lullabies and dancing on the trampoline.

I know there are hundreds of Homemaking blogs that well frankly can be a bit overwhelming sometimes I feel like I'm not doing enough after reading some of them, and don't even get me started on the countless books on Homemaking WOW! I never knew that so much could be written on the topic of Homemaking.

It can be easy to get caught up on the "I should be doing more", and forget about the joy that is already set before you.

There is joy in being a homemaker. When you make you are adding purity, love, and holiness to your home through your conduct it brings joy.

Yes, the cooking, cleaning, and laundry matter as who wants to live in filth, but it is the attitude you have  that matters most.

A attitude of grace and servant hood will not go unnoticed. It will bring joy to your home, a fragrant of sweetness.

My home is not perfect, I stress about the little things, I get upset and frustrated when the house gets too messy and things are out of place or if I get behind on laundry. I like order and cleanliness and many times have tried to have a better attitude about it. Ive tried to change my attitude about my house work and tried to view it as a joyous thing, but frankly, my heart still complains if not vocally it will do it silently.

God however lavishes his grace upon me in those moments gently stirring me to a heart of thankfulness a heart that delights in his will, to appreciate and enjoy the work he has set before me and ordained for me to do.

What a blessing and privilege to be loved to love and to be a homemaker. Making a home of pure simple things.

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