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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Marriage Monday 3 Ways to rot your mans bones 3 Ways to be a crown

A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband: but she that maketh ashamed is as rottenness in his bones. Proverbs 12:4

Are you ashamed of your man? Well, if you are then you are rotting his bones.
Here are 3 sure ways to you can rot your husbands bones.


A complaining spirited woman is surely one who is like death to a man, heck she is like death to anyone who hears her. I know I've been a complaining wife before, heck some days I just cant wait for my husband to come home to pour my heart out to him,my heart of complaints. I let him have an earful, I tell him how horrible of  day I had, how the children bickered all day, how they fought, how they messed and didn't help me clean. I go on and on about how hard I have it or how so and so said this on Facebook. Then I begin to complain about how tired I am.
Ladies stop complaining to your husband you are sucking his bones dry, like vinegar to a chicken bone causing it to bend and wear thin. Your man doesn't want to hear your complaints heck hardly anyone does. Surely he wishes he was on the rooftop.

2)Be unthankful/ungrateful

A unthankful Spirit is a miserable soul. When a wife is unthankful she will wallow in self-pity and want everyone around to feel sorry for her. I've done it. We all have done it. This is where we are good at manipulating others into feeling bad for us. Goodness I've been there a thousand times. I will sit and feel so sorry for myself how I have it so hard homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, buying groceries on a shoe string budget or make a big fuss that our husband doesn't get us flowers or gifts or take us on dates. Rather than be so unthankful for the things we do have the people in our lives and the love we've been shown. Un-thankfulness robs your joy and kills your happiness.

3) Be ashamed of your Husband

An embarrassed wife is a wife who is ashamed of her husband. This can manifest itself in the way our husbands dress, look, act or the job he has. We can be ashamed that he doesn't lead us the way we want, that he doesn't pray or read the Bible to us the way we desire or maybe he doesn't dress the way we want or maybe he doesn't dress the kids the way we want. So rather than be proud of the man God gave us we are shamefaced at all he does, shaking our heads at him and scorning our finger at him.

       On the bright side we can be a crown to our husband.
                    3 ways to be a crown to your husband

1) Praise/Adoration

A wife who praises her husband and adores her man can be a crown to him. he will defiantly be proud to have her as a wife, he will want to display her for all to see. He will compliment her and be so thankful for her. When we adore our husbands this shows we are honored to be their wives. Praise them for being our husband for being the father of our children, praise them for loving us and praise them for small accomplishments like taking the garbage out, dressing the kids, or even just for staying married to us.

2)Pray for your man

A praying wife is for sure a wife who is a crown to her man. She is concerned about the wellbeing of her husband, she watches out for the affairs of him by praying for him. A wife who prays for her husband truly shows him that she trust God to work in and through him. She is saying I love you enough to pray for you daily. This is a virtuous  woman, a woman who prays.


A thankful spirit is a crown anyone would be honored to wear. A wife who is thankful can conquer the world. She can overcome anything. Be that kind of wife who is always smiling always thankful. So when your man walks in or wakes up first thing in the morning he sees your bright eyes happy to see him smiling. A thankful heart radiates and lights up any dark room.

You see we get to chose our attitude and how we want to be. D we want to be cancer to our husbands bones or a crown that he proudly wears?

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