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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Raising Girls 3 ways to teach them their greatest need.....

Being a mom of 2 girls really does have its perks. They never need a reason to have tea parties, play with their baby-dolls, sew and cook something spontaneous. There is never a reason to wear something pretty or comb their hair, never a reason to paint your toes or smile. Its just so much fun.

I know that being a mom of girls comes with great responsibility. It is my job to train and teach them how to be a homemaker, most of this training comes in the form of observation. As they observe me, my conduct and attitude, it really shapes their perception of homemaking later in life.

While its easy for me to get caught up in training them to be a homemaker to be a great wife one day. I mustn't forget that I must train them in their greatest need, and frankly their greatest need isn't in knowing how to be a great homemaker or how to be a great wife or how to be a wonderful mommy.

The greatest need of my daughters isn't in teaching them modesty, purity, or wholesome behavior. Now, don't get me wrong those things are all very IMPORTANT  but those things alone is not the greatest need of my daughters.

Their greatest need isn't in knowing how to run and keep a home, how to find a Godly man and how to be a godly submissive wife. No, their greatest need isn't in their beauty or how they dress and how others view them.

No, you see the greatest need of my daughters is to know the one who's image they were made in. To know the one who formed them in my whom, who knew them before they were even born, the one who fashioned them and the one loved them and gave His life for.

Raising girls for me is about teaching them and training them in their value in Jesus. Reminding them while this world will always judge them by their outward appearance and outward works, the Lord will always look at their heart. I want them to know first and above all else that they need Jesus that they desperately need Jesus, that he is the remission for their sins.

Now, we as homemakers may fall short in many areas of our homemaking but this is one area that I don't want to fail in. I DONT WANT TO FAIL TRAINING MY GIRLS IN THEIR GREATEST NEED.

I want them to know that having a husband and being a homemaker isn't their greatest need that having children isn't their greatest need, they need to know and understand that their greatest need will always be JESUS. Yes, those things are not bad and yes I am called to train them to be ladies, lovers of good, homemaking, being a great wife etc. but my focus should always be JESUS.

3 Tips in Training them In Jesus

1)Teach them about sin and its heartbreaking/devastating effects and warn them of the dangerous of it

Read lots of stories about sin and the consequences of it, read scripture to them and as you go about talk about sins devastating effects, warn the of its dangerous of its snares and how to avoid being caught up in it. Let them talk to other girls/women about the consequences of sin and choices they made.

2) Teach them to love truth

My girls love visuals and love when I explain things using visuals or prop's. I will often use analogies to get across a point. I want them to love the truth and teach them the importance of truth.

3)Be thankful and love Jesus be an example

When it comes to teaching/training them in Jesus is by being an example, if I want them to love Jesus, then I must love Jesus, If I want them to read the scriptures then I must read the scriptures, if I want them to worship Jesus then I must worship Jesus and be an example to them.

My girls will always be trained in that they are beautiful because Jesus Loves them and that is what makes them beautiful, that they are fearfully and wonderfully made and its because they were made in His image. Teach them to never settle.

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