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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Have you ever felt like Cinderella....

Be warned this post is BLUNT HONEST and not SUGAR COATED as some often do with marriage and homemaking. Frankly, sometimes married life and life as a homemaker feels like the fairy tale Cinderella.

Your days are filled with scrubbing floors, walls, folding laundry and preparing meal after meal.

Your wardrobe consists of aprons and more aprons and skirts to wipe your sweat on.

Ah, yes the life of a homemaker. The life of a stay at home wife and mother, no fancy balls, no invites to  parties, just a plain life of cleaning cooking, and serving.

Some find contentment in simply being a Cinderella, others prefer a more glamorous life after the fairy godmother comes and gives her a new look and Cinderella meets her Prince Charming and she lives on happily ever after (even though we aren't told what her life was like after).

That's what fairytales are like, aren't they to make you feel like your in a different world, a different life, a life more blissful, more romantic, more satisfying then the one you have.

Some of us sit around waiting for better days waiting for Prince Charming to come and slip on the glass shoe and whisk us away from our scrubbing and toiling.

Our husbands get home and we want them to rescue us from the daily sweat, to take us to a castle far away with no work at all and handmaidens waiting upon our every need and desire.

Ah, yes we want to be clothed with garments that catch the eye and have the crowd bowing. This yes, is the fairytale life. A life that you see in movies where happily ever after's are always the ending.

We are never told The Real Life after Cinderella married her Prince and after the ball was over.

God never did call us to be a Princesses did he? Rather he called us to serve "But ye shall not be so: but he that is greatest among you, let him be as the younger; and he that is chief, as he that doth serve." Luke 22:26

Not as a one waiting to be whisked away from hardships and trials but as one who humbly accepts all that life has for her, one who does not fear the future but laughs at it to come, one where kindness is on her lips and she does her husband good not evil all the days of her life, one where she works willingly with her hands not as one forced like Cinderella. The woman who fears the Lord is the woman to be praised not the one where beauty is fleeting at midnight and the slipper falls off. Not the kind of beauty that is only adorned outward, but a inward beauty of a gentle and quiet woman. This woman she shall be praised. The one who humbly serves and makes hero's out of her children and a king out of her husband.

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