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Thursday, October 23, 2014

3 Ways to love your children

Being a Homemaker is more than just household chores its also  about loving those around you.Those you have been called to serve.
How many times as a homemaker do you get caught up in cooking, cleaning , and laundry that you forget to love in the process? Well, your not alone its easy as a homemaker to get caught up in serving that we forget to stop and love those little ones we serve.

Here are 3 ways to stop and love your children


We are great multitasks as homemakers, we can hole conversations and cook/clean all at the same time. Well, next time your little one comes to ask you something or show you something or tell you something, how about stopping next time to listen and engage with your child or children. Trust me they will never forget it, and besides nothing is worth missing what our kids have to say.

2)Make eye contact

Eye contact are the souls window. When we give eye contact we are looking into the souls of those little children of ours. Let them know you care by giving them eye contact and be sure to get their eyes when you speak to them its so much more affective.

3) Whisper its much more effective

We as moms want to yell sometimes but yelling only creates fear in our children and they don't respect us, instead whisper the correction or whisper what you want to get across, they will be much more likely to listen. There is something about a whisper that is more effective than yelling and using harsh words. Gentle words turn away wrath but harsh words stirs anger.

I hope these 3 ways will help you to love your children this week. Let me know what are some ways you love your children.

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