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Friday, November 1, 2013

Writing Letters

It will be 16 years Thanksgiving Day that my mama has been gone, She was tragically killed by a drunk driver Thanksgiving day when I was 17years old. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't remember her or think of her.

Now that I have children of my own, I think of her and how she would be with them, we talk of her often and I make sure my kids know her through my memories and photographs of her.

I am thankful for the memories God gives us, and the grace he provides through His Son Jesus Christ who has conquered death and gives us the blessed assurance of eternal life, for all that are His!

My mom before she died was working on a Album for me it had a picture of an Angel that she drew free hand and a sweet Prayer. It is the only thing that I have of hers. I have saved it for the past 16years, it is a treasure I have kept close to my heart. When I started having children of my own it really encouraged me to write letters to my children in case something every happened to me, they would know me and my love for them through all the letters I wrote them.

Given, there are times I skipped and forgot but I managed to write a letter a month for each one of them, as time went by the letters got fewer and I began to write again to them. I keep a journal with their picture in it and a daily prayer for them I also write little things about them, lest they never forget my love for them.

It sure did come in handy, not for the purpose I thought it would be for, I figured if I died or something tragic happened to me then they'd have my letters, but when   Humbled by God (my 8yr old son) ran to his room angry and said to me  one day "You dont care, You dont love me" I knew it was time to give him all the letters I had written to him.

I walked into his room and said, I know you are angry right now, and I am sorry if I caused you to feel unloved in anyway and if I caused you to feel like I don't care, please forgive me and when you are ready you can come to me and tell me what I did or said to make you feel this way. I then handed him a huge box of letters, I said, " I had been writing these since the day you were born, I planned on giving them to you when you got married or if I died before then, then you would have them". I asked him to read them before he came out to talk to me.

After about 2 hours he came out in tears, very Humbled  and was thankful for my love and for the time I took in writing to him. I have done this for all 5 of my dear children and husband. This is just one way I can reaffirm my love for them.

It isn't anything long or fancy sometimes I write only 2 sentences, but it is always so fun to go back and read what I wrote from years ago, I know they will all come to appreciate it some day, even as I have with my one page prayer and drawing my mom made me. It is treasure indeed.

How about you, do you journal or write to your kids? Id love to hear what you do?

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