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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

a LITTLE cHANGE GOES a long way

Do you ever feel like Homemaking/Homeschooling is a bit monotony?  I know it can sometimes feel that way for me. I'm sure the children feel the tedious of the days as well.

 Sometimes changing things up a bit around your home can help relieve some of the boredom. Even though we have a schedule/routine it still sometimes feels boring.

 The kids decided to have a little fun and designate each day of the week to something. Maybe your children will enjoy it as much as mine are.

 Monday  are our "double mom buck day"  if you haven't heard of Mom bucks check it out on my friends blog here: EVERYONE loves earning extra $ on this day. 

Tuesday we made it craft/art/drawing day. 
Wednesday is wacky day, everyone dresses wacky and has wacky hair


Thursday is our music/worship  we learn about different composers, missionaries and pray for them.


Friday is funday our outing/outside day either play outdoors, work on the garden or go on a field trip.

                    A little Change goes a long way sometimes

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