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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Fast easy cooking

 There are some days I just don't like cooking sometimes its just because I don't know what to make.

I know as a 13 year homemaker I should be an expert on cooking and have a million of recipes, sadly I do not.

But what I do have is alot of willing little helpers. The children love helping mama, in the kitchen.

Having at least one child with you when you cook will create forever memories they will treasure and a  sweet bonding time.


Here is one recipe I do have memorized and involves the children.

Lettuce Wraps
serves 8-10

3lb ground beef or ground turkey

4-6 carrots cut julienne style let the children help wash and rinse veggies and help cut

1-2 whole onions sliced

1-2 heads of broccoli slice the stalk too
top with avocado and coconut liquid amino

Directions: Cook meat on med heat, drain grease, once done add onions , carrots, broccoli, until tender. add salt and garlic to taste
serve with olive oil in Romaine lettuce wraps

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