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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Making the most of your Homemaking Time Sunday Planning

                       Sunday is my day to plan/prepare for the upcoming week. I like to try and get organized. I find that when I am prepared and plan ahead things seem to run a little smoother around here.
 Given, I know plans can change and things come up, but when you have kids getting ahead in the small things really does add up to big things.

 I really don't like to waste time, being a homemaker means I have to make the most of every opportunity I'm given.

Here are some things I do on Sunday to plan for the week.

1) Make sure I have all the groceries and snacks I need. When you have kids to feed there is nothing worse then going to the grocery store feeling rushed and with hungry mouths.

2)I prepare snacks and meals in advance. If time allows on Sunday I precook a few meals ahead of time so all thats needed during the week is heating on the stove or oven.

3)I plan our field-trips, outings, and appointments for the week. This helps me make sure that we have enough time to do the scheduled event and not feel like we didnt get enough time there.

4)I schedule chores/housework for the week so all our time isn't on work but we have time for play too.

5)I make sure my house is clean for Monday and the rest of the week. My husband will sometimes take the kids to the park for an hour and I will get all the cleaning done real fast and that way the house is ready for the week.

What are some things you do to help you get prepared for the week?

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