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Friday, February 21, 2014

Frugal Friday 4 "Keeping it real" Tips on being frugal

We all want to save and find ways and cut corners on how to save, I thought Fridays are a good day to blog about it since its is pay day for most of us. I am dedicating every Friday on blogging about this subject. I know I can sure use the help in being frugal.

First, I want to define what Frugal means.When I first heard some of my friends describe their frugal lives, I thought to myself "I could never do that". That was until I learned the meaning of the word.

Frugal is simply avoiding waste. Its making the most of your materials and resources.

Now lets "KEEP IT REAL" many of us don't want to take to time or make the effort that is involved in being frugal. I mean who really has time to clip coupons, make a menu, read all the sale ad's, just to save a few $ that really amounts to very little when you consider all the time spent and gas used to get to the places needed to find these AWESOME DEALS your friends brag about on FB.

Well, today I want to share with you 4 Tips that I use in my Home to help me live frugal.


                                                                                              1)USE IT UP

 How many of you can go into your pantry right now and find unopened packages, canned goods, or worse expired goods? We've had produce / fruit go bad on us because we didn't use it up. So before you go and restock your pantries/ fridge, be sure to use up what you have first. I even apply this to household items also, like toiletries.

                                                                                      2)WEAR IT OUT

 I cant tell you how many times I have bought something when I still had the same item and home and or similar item at home and it was still in decent condition. I use to spend so careless on "sale" and "clearance" items even though I still had things in my closet or kids closet that was in decent condition and not "worn" out, yet Id buy more. We can do this with any item in our home. After all who doesn't like a "good sale". Lets keep it real though, do we really "need" another one when we have one of the same or like the same at home that hasn't worn out yet?

                                                                                        3) MAKE IT DO 

Sometimes we just have to follow the simple rule "make do with what you got". It may go against the latest trend,  fad diet, or at times be a little uncomfortable, but hey in the end your saving and avoiding waste. It may mean wearing your dated clothes, shoes, and using your dated  electronic gadgets but hey its okay you have no one to impress, and besides there are so many other things you can do with that "extra" you are saving in the process.  

                                                                                       4) DO WITHOUT

This one was the hardest for me. I will "KEEP IT REAL" and tell you that doing without is hard sometimes. The hardest part is to not cultivate a heart of jealousy and covetousness as you watch people have what you don't. But  rather say "It really is okay to do without", after all is it a necessity or just a want?

Now that you have the 4 "Keeping it Real" Frugal Tips I hope that they help you to live more frugally.
If this has helped you in anyway or if you have anything to add please leave your comments Id love to hear them 


  1. I save money by going through the store ads before shopping and seeing what is on sale at different stores. Then I price match at Walmart to get the cheapest price--because I can't drive around to all those different stores!