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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Even a Child is known by his doing

Grocery shopping with kids, as many of you know is always an adventure. You never know exactly what will happen or go wrong.
I often pray before I go into the store that my kids put into action all the training they have been taught. Sometimes they do and well sometimes they don't. When they do well I walk out feeling victorious. Today was one of those days.

You can imagine how proud I was when my oldest son (Humbled by God, as I call him)  began to bag all the groceries of the customer in front of us, he often does this and sometimes people offer to pay him for his hard-work. The cashier who knows us by name (because we visit the same grocery store so often), began telling the customer in front of us how the little boy sacking groceries was always doing this when we come. She spoke so highly of him that it really blessed me.

I often repeat and quote Proverbs 20:11 to my children that they now know it by memory, " Even a child is known by his doing whether his work be pure, and whether it be right  to my kids. " One thing I remind them of is that who they are today is who they will tomorrow, that everything they do today is building their character for the kind of person they will become tomorrow and the next day and the next, and so they must chose wisely. I like to keep it real with them.

My son was so proud when I praised him and pointed out that his work was noticed by the cashier, his smile was big and he knew he was building his character in our community.

Yes, even a child is known by his doing. What a child does he is known by it to others.  The cashier knows my son by his actions, by his serving of others, and hard work.

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