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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Keeping it real Homemaking "Creating a masterpiece"

Homemaking truly is a art that we practice daily we will never be perfect at it and until the day the Lord calls us home we will have created this beautiful canvas.

Homemaking is like that of a blank canvas. Each day you decide what you want to add to it. You decide the color schemes, the theme, and the effects.

God has given to us homemakers so marvelous tools to use to create beautiful masterpieces.

He has given to us His spirit. The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, and self control.

Imagine what a beautiful portrait we can paint when we let our colors be the fruit the spirit.

Let us paint our homes with love ,a love that is so bright and radiant.
Let our brushes stroke to the beat of joy today, let the the canvas we paint  be loud full of joy and laughter
Let the color of peace be evident upon our response, so soft and pastel
Let our gentleness be calming and soothing to others around us that it is relaxing to to eye
Let us display self control that it is evident from afar

Let the work our our hands create beautiful homes that are on display for all to see and want let them see Jesus in all you do, let them see the cross and the grace in which you stand upon. Let the canvas we paint today be a masterpiece unto the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. For he is worthy of all our praise.


  1. What beautiful word pictures--that we are creating a masterpiece!

  2. I'snt it such a beautiful calling we have been given