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Monday, March 10, 2014

Do away with the "Poor me"

Staying in love has everything to do with forgiveness and gratefulness. Without forgiveness you will remain bitter and un-thankful.

Marriage is alot of work.

 There was a time in my marriage when I use to keep track of everything my husband did wrong. 

It was so easy to point out all his faults, shortcomings, and sin.

I had this poor me attitude. 

Poor me, I always have to cook, and clean, take care of the kids, I never get any time for myself.

Poor me, I dont get to go out and work like he does, poor me, poor me I never get a break. Poor me little Cinderella here at home all day long, never get to go to the ball but rather serve serve serve. 

Slave away in my castle, waiting for Prince Charming to come wisk me off my feet. 

Then my husband would come home and he was from Prince Charming. My expectations of him were to come home, and take over all the housework, the caring of the children, and give me the long awaited break Ive been waiting all day long for. 

This unfulfilled expectation filled my heart with bitterness and un-thankfulness. Leading to a home of joylessness. I was unhappy with a poor me attitude, and Id make sure everyone knew how miserable I was. 

Oh, those were dreadful, dreary days for sure. Forgiveness is a guard for your heart from becoming sour, thankfulness is shield against discontentment . 

When we forgive our spouse we free ourselves to love without condition. When we are thankful we shield our hearts and minds from "poor me" attitudes. 

So today on this Marriage Monday Chose to forgive chose to be thankful in your marriage and put away the "poor me" attitude.

You are far more blessed than you realize.

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