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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thankful Thursday: Remembering the life of an Extradoinary homemaker (my husbands Grandmother)

There is always something to be thankful for. Today I am thankful for the life and legacy of my  husbands grandmother. She was the ultimate homemaker. Yesterday she went home to be with Jesus. I know she is more alive than she has ever been, in the presence of her savior and reunited with the love of her life, her husband of her youth.

If I could be half the homemaker she was, I know my family will be truly blessed, and rise up and bless my name as her own grown children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren have.

She poured her life and soul into homemaking. Having been a homemaker for more than half her life, raising 5 grown children, being a grandma to countless grandchildren and great grandchildren, she still always greeted you with a smile, and was always glad to see you. You were always welcomed in her home, and always felt at home.

  There was nothing Grandma wouldn't do for you. It was her nature to take care of those she loved. I watched her love those around her and I know if I could love like that, then I too would leave a great legacy. I watched her presence and quiet spirit  be a source of comfort to those around her.

Her cooking is something that we all will dearly miss. When she would prepare a meal, she did so with such great intention. Always with you in mind. Always willing to cook for you when you visited. Her hands were never to tired to serve the ones she loved.

You could taste the love in every bite. Her potato and green chili rellanos at Christmas time, her macaroni salad with chunks of cheese, and her famous mouth watering deep fried taco's with salsa, always left your taste buds lingering for more, and no matter how hard I tried I could never get mine to taste like hers. Then she would serve you a slice of her yellow cake with her homemade chocolate icing, it was a sweet melt in your mouth delicacy, and the recipe was top secret.I often would try to recreate it, but like every meal grandma served, it was the love she put into it that made it taste so good. That is something that could never be duplicated or recreated.

Her heart was a heart of love and the greatest receiver of her love was her husband who passed away 5 years prior. He was her heart.

It was evident every time she spoke of him or at the mention of his name. She always spoke so sweet of the love her youth, the countless stories she would share of him were like rare jewels hidden deep within the treasures of her heart. When she would share them, you knew you were receiving something very special and valuable. her love for him never left her, and now she is complete having been reunited with the love of her life.

If I could love my husband even half the way she loved hers, I know my heart will be the beneficiary of such honor and my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren will inherit a lifetime of precious memories, as we all have with her.

I am thankful to have been able to witness, and  be apart of such a remarkable woman's life. Sometimes you don't realize what you had until death occurs.

 There is so much I wish we would have done, visited more, called more, etc. But, I will never regret the memories that were given to us, the memories that I have to share with my children and grandchildren that they come from a legacy of homemakers, and their great grandmother was the pillar for such extraordinary work.

It was her home where countless laughs took place, tears flowed, children giggled, babies whined, the place where sisters/brothers, aunts/uncles, cousins and friends gathered, the place where we all felt at home. It was Grandmas house and you always knew you were welcomed, loved, and cherished. You knew that she was always happy to see you.

She embraced her homemaking role with dignity, humility, strength, satisfaction and joy. She willingly worked with her hands to show her love, appreciation for those that entered her home.
It was never an obligation, duty, or burden for her, but rather it was a pleasure to give of herself to those around her, to those she loved.

She gave and gave of herself even up until the last moments of her final breath. I watched her frail, weak, and tired body, give of itself as it always had her whole life, one last time she would give  her smile to her loved ones as she always had,  reaching for the hands of those around her, as if to say here is the last of what I can give you.

 We all received and benefited from all she gave and now we  are left with  memories that fill our hearts, sneak out of our eyes and roll down our cheeks.

Those memories will be passed on for generations to come.

She truly set the example for me, my daughters and grand daughters, and my sons.  As I raise the next generation of homemakers, passing the baton of homemaking to my children we will look back at  Grandmas life as a homemaker and with confidence and pride know that we come from a line of strong homemakers and we too can love and build strong homes as she did. She really did make a difference and  impact the lives of all those that knew her.

She left a legacy of love! A homemaking legacy that we will cherish for a lifetime. Until we meet again on the other side of heaven, enjoy your time of rest Grandma.

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