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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Homemaker and her words

Homemaking is more than just chores!
 As a homemaker we often think of a woman who cleans, cooks, does laundry and raises kids. This is true, however we are doing more than just chores. We are building a legacy, a future generation. WOW! What a calling we have, that must not be taken lightly.

The verse in Proverbs 14:1 comes to mind when I think of the word "homemaker". It says,  "A wise woman builds her home but with her own hands the foolish woman tears hers down."

Building a home truly does require wisdom. I admit, I am not always wise, and fail and thus I need Jesus in every aspect of my homemaking. For the scriptures declare that Jesus is wisdom, and if any of us lack wisdom, God will give it to us liberally. He will not withhold it from us.  What a gracious and generous God we serve.

          One way we as homemakers build our home is in our words. Our words have the power to heal or hurt. They can be gracious or out right mean. They can build up or tear down.

We must take care to speak words that will build, building up our home in love, grace, peace, patience,mercy, 

kindness, gentleness, self-control, faithfulness, thankfulness and joy.

The words we speak can never be taken back, erased, removed or forgotten. They are deep morsels penetrating the soul! Lets be careful on how we build careful to chose each word before it leaves our tongue, careful about our tone.

                                         Our husband and children are people who deserve
  They deserve to live in a home where the words spoken are words that build them up in Jesus                                                                 and in their holy faith.

                     Here are 5 ways to use your words to build up your          husband and children :

1)Praise -  Praise your husband and children for a job well done, for trying, for godly character, for working hard, and for their efforts.(Wow, good job helping your little brother. ) (Honey, you are so good with the children they are blessed to have you as their father.)

2)Thankfulness - Speak words of thanks to your husband and children, tell them often how thankful you are for them and thank them for the things they do. Vocalize thanksgiving throughout the day, (God is so good I am thankful he blessed us today with a sunny day) (Thank you sweetheart for all you do for our family and for providing for us.)

3)Sing - Sing hymns or worship songs or bible verses to your children, its a great wya to memorize scripture and a great way to lift the mood in the home.

4)Speak the word -When you talk to your husband and children quote scripture and speak of heavenly things, talk often of Jesus his life, death and resurrection, and of the goodness of God.

5)WATCH YOUR TONE - Speak in a soft gentle tones even when you are angry, upset, frustrated. Its amazing how a patient and a whisper voice gets your husband and children's attention more than a loud, defiant, demanding voice/tone. Practice a tender sweet soft tone when you talk and correct your children. it really does make a difference.

I realize that these 5 tips are challenging and hard but I also know that the Holy Spirit gives to us the fruit of the Spirit it is him working in and through us. His Spirit builds godly character in us as we live out our faith. He can and will work these things in you. Trust Him for the results, and by his grace walk obediently and faithfully to His call. 

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