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Friday, April 11, 2014

Frugal Friday Tip Reuseable means frugal

                                 Re useable means frugal 
                      Homemade paper towels do it yourself

I dont like to buy un necessary items or things that dont give back. 

To me conventional paper towels and paper napkins seem like a waste. I use to buy them all the time but after braking down the cost it seemed our family could use the extra $10 a month and $120 a year on something else. 

This meant we would have to use cloth napkins and cloth paper towels.

The upfront cost on fabric is a bit costly but your saving in the long run.

I went to the fabric store bought the cheapest terry- cloth fabric (this fabric is like a towel and absorbs alot, I wanted to use this for my paper towels as I wanted something strong) I could find and picked out another cute fabric to match my kitchen.

I then cut both the terry cloth and printed fabric to the length i wanted my paper towel.

I sewed them wrong sides together and left a small opening at the corner for closure. 

I made about 25 for our size family.

After, you could add these neat snazzy snaps on the corners so they snap together 

I did not add snaps on mine.

After you have now just made paper towels

The snaps allow for you to roll them together and place on a holder, like the above picture.

We now save every month on having to buy paper towels, I made some matching napkins also to go with it.

The kids think its real special to eat with cloth napkins.

It does add to your laundry load, but it saves on buying and you waste very little water laundering them.

Its a huge savings for us.

Enjoy!!! Let me know how yours comes out!

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