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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Lets not forget to train our children to love

There is a world out there that is outside of you and yours...

Every time we go to the store, my children count the smiles, happy faces or joyful people they see.

Sadly sometimes its not very many.

They often wonder why so many people are not happy/joyful and smiling. 

I then again must remind them that life is hard and as Jesus said, In this life there will be many trials and tribulations, but we are to rejoice because he has overcome the world.

I then tell them they have value and worth in Jesus and we are here to serve this world to be a beacon of hope, light and love to this world that doesn't smile, or have joy.

Are we training our children to see the needs in others? To be needed in this world to be givers not takers?

Do we teach them to approach the homeless man (with us of course) to share the love of Christ by offering the loaf of bread?

Do we teach them to pray for the woman who they see dressed in appropriately that she would know her worth and value in Christ?

Do we teach them to serve those they met and come in contact with? 

Do we teach them to help the widow, the single mom, the poor, the needy, the lowly?

While we train them we must not forget to train them to serve like Jesus and love like him.

Lord, help us in our child training to train our children to love others, let us not be so consumed with wanting "good obedient children" that we forget those around us. Lord help us to train our children to serve their communities those around them starting with each-other and then their neighbors.

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