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Monday, April 28, 2014

Marriage Monday" Your canvas, Your master piece, Your work of Art, Your Marriage"

              Marriage is hard work, but I am learning little things                                    add up and make a difference.

The small things we do in our marriage should be done with Great and Big love.
 It really does matter and it really does make a difference.

When you make his breakfast, lunch, dinner or pack his lunch. It matters, do it with great love.

When you wash his laundry, pick up his dirty socks, sweep his crumbs. It matters, do it with great love.

When you make his bed, clean the bathroom he used, put the trash bag in the trash can (because he forgot again) It matters, do it with great love.

When you look into his eye do so with adoration, when you smile at him do so with gratitude, when you  hold his hand do so with appreciation.

It all matters so do it with great love

Life is short and the days are passing, turning into weeks, and the weeks turn to months and the months turn to years, the years turn into decades and the decades turn into a lifetime.

It all matters so do it with a great love. Dont miss the opportunity to love your spouse greatly. Yes, he may have his quirks, his funny way of doing things, he may annoy you at times as Im sure you do him, but in the end He CHOSE YOU to be His FOREVER FRIEND, LOVER, AND SOUL MATE.

You are His and He is Yours. Together you are a masterpiece. Your  marriage is a piece of Art.

So how do we create and or add to our masterpiece, our work of art? What if you look at your marriage canvas and see a huge blob of a mess? What now? Is there any hope you might ask?

Certainly, I am no expert, my canvas is a bit messy, but its a beautiful mess, that my husband and I created together. Sure, the shading is all wrong, and its a bit abstract looking and those who have no appreciation for Art probably gaze with no gratitude for such a canvas. But, it is ours and I am proud of what we have painted together.

We as wives can certainly be thankful for such Art. Here are a few things we can do to add to our canvas.

 I hope that you enjoy your beautiful canvas on this Marriage Monday display it proudly and Rejoice

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