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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Chores as Crafts

Crafts come in many different forms around my Home.

Its not always painting, coloring, molding with clay, making bird houses, etc. Sometimes its cleaning walls, baseboards, and pulling weeds. 

Yet, work/chores can be made fun. 

Here are some ways we make it fun around here.

1)We make believe that a King is coming and thus the things we do must be spotless for our coming King and we take joy and delight in making it look beautiful, we  pretend we are Princes and Princesses and when the King arrives he will be so pleased with our work.

2)We set timers to see who can beat the time first 

3)We pick chores/work out of hat 

4)We listen to music while we work dancing with delight

5)After we are done we reward ourselves with a nice smoothie or homemade ice cream

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