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Monday, May 19, 2014

Marriage Monday "Lonliness in Marriage"

Loneliness in Marriage

Sometimes even while being married you can experience loneliness. People think that just because your married that it means you will never again experience loneliness. This is a lie and far from the truth. 
 As many as 95% of married couples confess to have experienced and or are currently lonely in their marriage.
The feelings of loneliness can go and come, causing depression, discontentment and even resentment.

There have been times in my own marriage in the past where I have contemplated a life apart from being married, in the deep thought of my imagination Ive thought about another life, thinking that it would so much more glamorous and better than what I have.

Usually, these thoughts stem from a discontentment with myself then with my marriage. Im
dissatisfied in being a wife and homemaker, yet its much deeper than that.

We were not created to be satisfied in being a wife, in being a mother in being a homemaker. You see, we were created not to be satisfied with people, things, and the work of our hands. While all those things are good and are gifts from the Lord, our satisfaction must stem and be in CHRIST ALONE.

When we are lonely and the feeling of loneliness arises, we must not cling to our deep thoughts, wishful thinking, dreams, fantasy's,  but rather we must cling to the the one who clings and holds us in his hands, who tells us that we are the apple of his eye.

For it is only in Jesus that we are fully satisfied. We were made by him and for him. Yes, we have been given the commission to be wives and helpmates to our husbands along with being keepers of the home. We have been given a bigger calling than that, and we have been called by Jesus to be His. 

Before we are wives/helpmates we are adopted daughters of the King. We belong to King Jesus. Our joy, satisfaction, hope must be found in Him, in what he has done for us. 

We are so quick to look to our husbands to meet our desires, our desire for companionship, to lead us, pray with us, read scripture to us, etc. But our deepest need is found in Jesus. For we are fallen sinful creatures who frankly, are never satisfied , this is why we must cling to the cross even more, remember what he has done for us and cling to his promises in his word.

Sometimes in Marriage we feel ignored, not deemed important, put last, not paid attention to. Sometimes our husbands  neglect us as their wives, and they may or may not realize they do this but that is where we must look to Jesus to satisfy us so that we can appreciate our husbands.

Jesus is always willing to hear us and listen to us, he has so much to tell us is his word.

So today rather than wallow in loneliness why not seek Jesus and be satisfied in what he has done for you and me on the cross of Calvary.

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