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Monday, June 2, 2014

Marriage Monday

Being your Husbands Biggest Fan His Cheerleader in the stands and his friend....

Being a man in this world in this brutal can sure take a toil on a person especially the men in our lives. Whether your man is a spiritual godly man or not, for him to assert his masculinity and attempt to take the leadership role in the home the world will look on with eyes full of criticism. 

What about us ladies? What do our eyes convey to our men? Do we have eyes of praise, adoration, of admiration? or, do we look upon our husband with disgust and disappointment.

Trust me, the only set of eyes that matter to him are yours. He can face the worlds criticism and the worlds disapproval but he can not face your dis contempt of him.

Treat him like he has already arrived, like he is already that godly man, like he is already that amazing leader, that wonderful father and that great husband. Chances are he will step up to the plate, the more you treat and love him.

Be his friend, where he wants to share things with where he shares his secrets his thoughts with. Be the woman he runs to and be a haven for him. Remind him that you are by his side through the good the bad the ugly and everything in between.

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