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Monday, May 5, 2014

Marriage Monday Maintence

Yesterday, I began to look around my house and see all the maintenance that needed to be done. The laundry vents need to be cleaned out, the air conditioner needs to be switched over, the weeds need pulling, the doors/base boards need touching up.

When you own a home you know all the repairs/fix ups that need to be done and the often maintenance that it takes to keep the house in tip top shape, and in some cases just looking decent.

Likewise with a a vehicle. The oil needs changing, it needs tuning, new filters, spark plugs, tire pressure all need to be checked and changed out. 

So much to do, when you own a home or a vehicle. If you don't maintain either then it will decay faster and break down.

Our Marriages also need maintenance. We need to maintain them. One way to do this is by doing monthly evaluations of your marriage.

You and your husband can keep a log of goals and things you want to accomplish.

As a helpmeet to my husband, I often ask him to tell me 3 ways/ areas I am doing good in my role as his wife and helper  and 3 areas that I am not doing well in, this gives me a balanced approach.

Another way to maintain your marriage is by having Date Nights. These can happen in many forms:

1)Hire a sitter for a couple hours if you can afford it

2)Leave the kids with grandparents

3)Offer swap babysitting with friends/family (you babysit for their date night and in return they babysit for you)

4)Put the kids to bed early and you and your spouse have time together.

5)Ask a close friend from Church or work someone you trust to come over for a couple hours to watch your kids (to show a thank you get him/her a gift card)

Another way to connect and maintain your marriage is through communication. This can happen in many ways:

1)Sending friendly texts and flirtatious texts to your husband is a fun way to maintain and communicate to your husband.

2)Leave cute notes around the house for your husband to find redeemable coupons of sort, one that says "this entitles you to a massage", or "this entitles you to a kiss", or "this entitles you to a .." let your imagination take over, be creative.

3)Send him a email

4)Use social media as a way to communicate your love,adoration and appreciation for him

Another way to maintain your marriage is by being Spontaneous. there are several ways you can do this:

1) Have a overnight day surprise him with a date somewhere overnight without the kids

2)When all the kids are sleeping light some candles and put some soft music on and give him a foot massage 

3)When the kids are sleeping go outside and have a tent ready with a small fire to look at the stars together (if you have a trampoline you can have blankets on the trampoline and watch the stars laying down)

4)Have a romantic dinner prepared when he gets home

No matter what you do just remember that if you want something to last forever you must shield it and protect it. You must maintain it!!!

I hope these ideas help you on this Marriage Monday. Id love to hear how you maintain your marriage...Post your comments below

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