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Monday, August 11, 2014

3 ways to service your marriage

We all want a good, happy marriage. We all want that fairytale ending. Well the fact is it doesn't just happen. Marriage takes work. Marriage takes commitment. marriage takes loyalty. Your marriage will reflect all what you put into it.

Just like our vehicles marriage needs tuning also. We take our cars to get tuned to get check up's. We get the spark plugs changed, add new oil filters, get the oil changed, top all the fluids, change tires if need be. We do those things because well, we don't want to neglect out vehicle and then one day it die out and clunk out on us, and we be stranded down the road somewhere.

Likewise, our marriage needs to be fine tuned and needs to be serviced often. We need to evaluate its weak spots, service those weaknesses and change out those old bad habits that is causing our marriage to not run as smoothly.

Here are 3 ways to make your marriage run at its best:


Set time aside every day to talk. When we first got married we did something called "talk time" When my husband would get home from work we would sit on the couch. Id make his favorite tea. We would just talk about our day. We did this for at least 15min everyday. It helped us both unwind. After we started having children our children got trained in that as well, that when daddy got home it was mommy and daddy's talk time, they would go play or watch a video for 15min, while mommy and daddy talked.
This kept the connection going and I felt more emotionally connected to him and he relaxed and unwind from the day. I would  even sometimes massage his feet or rub his back, or visa versa. You could use this time to pray together or read Gods word together.

2)Date Nights

Setting time for  a date makes your marriage more efficient because its just you two reconnecting and getting away. You get that youthful feeling again, I know I do every time I have a date with my man. Its nice to get dressed up and go out. We focus this time on enjoying one another hugging, kissing, laughing and just having fun. Try and schedule a date weekly if you can if not then do a monthly date, but you can still put the kids to bed early and have a date at home.

3)Be positive

Its amazing how a positive attitude can change the atmosphere in a home. If your constantly crabby, grumpy, grumbling over the silliest things, then you can expect your man and marriage to suffer. Be positive always seek the good always look for the good always do good. A positive person is so much fun to be around for they always seek the best and they always are their best.

The point is when you are servicing your marriage your adding more value to it and it will run much more smoother. Now, it wont be perfect as no marriage but why not have it the best it can be.

What are some ways you service your marriage?

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