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Friday, August 8, 2014

Frugal Friday How to generate an income while still being a homemaker

As a Homemaker one way we can be frugal is by creatively generating a income while being home. Some homemakers think that this is not possible. However I wanted to share today some ideas on how you can earn some money by doing what you love.

So what is it that you love doing? Many of the homemakers I know love to knit, croquet, paint, draw, some even are very musically talented, others are just amazing at housekeeping.

Why not generate an income for what you love to do. There are many people who are willing to pay someone to learn the things you love doing.

Do you love housekeeping and organizing? Why not be an Independent Contractor and generate an income to teach others how to organize and housekeep.

Perhaps you love to write, why not start a blog or write articles for other peoples, blogs. This helped me early on to generate income while I stayed home with my children.

The beauty of being an Entrepreneur is that you be your own boss and still be home with your children and work your own hours, you can provide a service to people that have a need yet, be able to still be a homemaker all while generating an income.

When I first started to help generate income for our family, I began with childcare, I figured since I was already home I could babysit. I baby sat for a few years that helped provide for our family provided me with extra spending cash. It was nice as it didn't take away from my children or my homemaking.

I then began to branch out from there. Many people would always ask me about natural living/ herbalism as they knew I've been studying for years, and I would offer consults and write protocols I never dreamed it would turn into a business for me. People began offering to pay me for it. I declined and never wanted to charge anyone after all, I love herbalism and natural living so it was just friendly advice.

I also loved being on social media and well, some friends asked me to manage their social media for them, another opportunity to make money, of course I didn't want to charge for helping a friend out, but this really led me to become an Entrepreneur and that's what I did. I began to contract and consult my services out to those interested.

This has been such a blessing to our family because not only am I doing what I love, I also am getting paid for it.

So as a Homemaker don't feel like your only role is to manage your home by raising children and cooking/cleaning/laundry but teach your children the value of entrepreneurship and the satisfaction of knowing they are providing a service to those that really need it.

Ideas to earn money while being home :


MLM Business 

Start a Virtual Assistant Business

Offer services for natural living

Clean someone's house

Charge for music/singing lessons

Tutor someone's child

Let me know how it goes I'd love to hear about your journey as you explore  entrepreneurship while Homemaking and leave your comments on if you found this helpful

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