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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Frugal Friday Tip: 3 Simple Ways to be Frugal for the Holidays

Well its officially 68 Days until Christmas. Many people are planning how they are going to budget and buy all those Christmas Gifts this year. Many have already started their Christmas shopping.

Have you ever felt like Christmas creeps upon you like an armed bandit? I know I've been there lots of times. It seems like no matter how hard you plan in advance you always seem to still doing last minute Christmas shopping. Well your not alone.

In Todays post I wanted to share  3 ways that you can began to start to save and be frugal for the Holidays.

1)Make a list

Start making a list of all those that you must buy for, sounds simple enough but trust me this will help you from last minute shopping as you will have a list prepared months in advance.

2)Set a budget

Begin to look at your finances and see what you can afford this Holiday, break it down per person and don't forget to take into account packaging as I always forget little things like tape, and wrapping paper.

3)Don't be afraid to make handmade gifts

Sometimes personalized handmade gifts make the best ones. Frankly, its the thought that counts, even a handwritten poem that is framed will really warm any heart. You can draw or paint  a picture and frame it. Pinterest also has tons of handmade gift ideas. Don't be afraid to recycle or re-gift heck especially if you never used the item and its brand new with tags on it still. Don't be cheap and re- gift an item you've already used.

I hope that this helps you plan to be a little more frugal this Holiday, leave me your comments below and let me some ways you save during the Holiday's. I'd love to read them.

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