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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thankful Thursday How to be Thankful 3 ways

It seems as a homemaker there is always something to complain or gripe about. The dishes, laundry, floors, toilets, toys children who bicker. Sometimes its easy to focus on all that is wrong and lose sight of what is right.

It is often said that Your attitude will follow what you Think. So if this is true, Lets think upon all that we are thankful for. Here are 3 was you can be thankful today.

1)Name things throughout the day you are thankful for

Start by praying and thinking upon all that you are thankful for and then start naming them out loud. When you get discouraged during the day go to your bucket list and review them and bring them to your memory.

2)Give thanks in all things

Practice being thankful, thankfulness doesn't just come naturally its something you must practice and then eventually it will become habitual. As you clean say things like, Im thankful I get to clean these dishes it means we have had enough to eat today, or Im thankful my kids have clothes and I get to fold them and serve my
                                                        family. You get the idea.

3)Get rid of negativity

Anything you are watching on T.V, listening to, any people you talk to remove the negativity out of your life, this will only suck thanksgiving from your veins, causing you to grumble. Surround yourself with positive and thankful people. They will build you up in your efforts to be thankful. Read bible verses about thankfulness and memorize them.

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