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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thankful in all circumstances

Well yesterday my Blender broke. It wasnt just any blender you see, I have wanted one of these Blenders for years.
My husband saved enough money to buy me  Vitamix which has been so helpful on our grocery budget that we have saved saved so much money already just from using the Vitamix.

While it cost nearly $500 to purchase it was worth the investment.

My daughter accidently left the spoon in it and turned it on and well, it shattered the blade and broke the blender.

My poor little girl sat there in tears as she knew the value of that Blender and the cost to replace/repair it was not going to be cheap. She is always trying so hard to be frugal and helpful that this really was devastating for her.

Of course, my reaction didnt help. I wish I could say that I was mature and laughed it off or handled it well, I didnt. I was a bit upset and voiced my complaint.
I am not perfect and I still need Jesus and his grace especially in moments like today when I overreact to things.
I know that things dont last forever and things break. Maybe it was Gods way of showing me that things of value are not in the material world but in people.

 My daughters spirit was much more important than some Blender. I wish I could take that moment back and respond with grace. But, its done and past now and I can only learn from this.

I am thankful that God did work it all out and he showed his grace to me despite my foolish reaction.

We were able to get the blender fixed even though this type breakage isnt covered in the warranty.
God worked it out and reminded me that he has everything under control.

What would have normally cost over $200 to repair it only cost $75, still a chunk of change for us, but nevertheless God is in every detail of our lives, and he works all things for His glory and our joy.

As far as my daughter is concerned I was able to share with my daughter that the value of the Blender is indeed worth alot but that she is worth way more to me and to Jesus!

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